‘Freud’ Season 1: Coming to Netflix 2020, Plot, Cast & Trailer

Few names in modern science have been as impactful on the way we act and think about our actions and on the very meaning of human existence as the Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. It was about time, therefore, for the founder of psychoanalysis to have a series to call his own – and that’s what Netflix will do, but not without a hint of suspense and action. More than 100 years after his most important publications and 80 years after his death, Freud’s story will serve as a warm backdrop for Freud, a “modern, sexy and suspenseful” series – and new information about the first production original Austrian-German platform finally went public.

The story will take place in Vienna in 1886, when the first theories of the young Freud became cause for a stir and intense debate in the scientific community of the time. In this context, Dr. Freud becomes involved with a medium named Fleur Salomé and a police inspector and veteran of war named Alfred Kiss, to cross the alleys of the Austrian capital in order to discover, like a detective, the identity of a serial killer.

The series will be directed by Marvin Kren, Austrian like Freud, and famous for his work in horror films. “I want to show an unknown Freud, a man in search of recognition divided between two women, between reason and instinct. His psychoanalysis and the concepts of ID, Ego and the Superego did not come out of nowhere, they are based on the experiences of a tormented genius who knows firsthand the multiple faces of the human being ”, said the director.

Freud Season 1 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

Young Sigmund Freud will be played by Robert Finster, while Fleur Salomé will be played by actress Ella Rumpf, and Alfred Kiss by Georg Friedrich. Freud will have 8 episodes of 45 minutes each, and is currently in the filming phase, with his debut scheduled for 2020 on Netflix.

Freud Trailer

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