Locke and Key Season 2: Netflix Release Date, What to Expect?

Netflix has added another gem to its reign of supernatural terror: Locke and Key. The show is an adaptation of the comic series of the same name by Joe Hill. According to our sources, a second season is already in active development. But will Netflix officially give the green light?

The new Netflix original series tells the story of the Locke family and begins shortly after the tragic death of Rendell, Nina’s husband and Tyler’s father, Kinsey and Bode. Nina and the children move to the coast of Massachusetts and to the home of Rendell children across the country. When they arrive, they realize that things are not what they seem, leading to the discovery of the magic keys.

Locke and Key Season 2 release date

Although the series has not yet been approved for a second full season, we fully expect this. According to our sources, which include production plans, the series is currently in a second season in active development. Filming is expected to take place again in Toronto, Canada.
The creators of the series also see the reception positively and have already started working in the second season, although Netflix has not yet officially lit it in green. With so much emotion in a program, Netflix can never renew it.

The second season of “Locke and Key” is expected to launch in February 2021.

What can you expect in the second season of Locke and Key?

When you have completed the first season, you definitely know that a new season will begin. The last part of the series is moving away from the coastal city with a dark sky and lightning in the distance.

The series ends with the brothers entering the most dangerous door so far and the brothers are the guardians of all the keys. However, the evil is still lurking, and Dodge seems to be moving away from appearing dead (or at least having been frozen) in the recent weather battle. The Omega key is safe, but the crown is still missing.

Locke and Key trailer

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First season of Locke and Key is available to stream on Netflix from February 7.

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