Sex Education cast: Who is Eric’s French boyfriend Rahim in Sex Education?

Rahim Sex Education

“Sex education” surprised everyone when it was first released on Netflix last January. It quickly became one of his most successful original programs, and for the right reasons. With a new series, among the new cast is Rahim, who is ready to attract attention when he comes to school, but who is he and who plays him?

Who is Eric’s French friend Rahim in Sex Education?

The latest sex education series was released on Netflix today with eight new episodes.

There are a number of important changes in the cast this year as new students join the Moordale Secondary.

Among the new arrivals is Rahim, who has a big impact when he arrives in the small town.

He is introduced as a new student coming to school from France and is ready to cause some tension with fan favorite Eric Effoing (Ncuti Gatwa), according to author and creator Laurie Nunn.

Viewers also saw him in the trailer when Rahim asked Eric if he wanted to go out with him, as well as a clip showing the couple’s kiss.

Rahim is played by Sami Outalbali, French actor and comedian, in his first English role.

The star has already appeared in several major French shows, including Vive la colo! as Sami and Grown Ups as Ilyes.

Outalbali has also appeared in a number of French films, including Torn, Lola and The Tuche Family.

The French actor’s last appearance is Reda in Mortel, another Netflix series of 2019.

According to Netflix: “In the second season, Otis has to master his newly discovered sexual impulses in order to make progress with his girlfriend Ola, and at the same time deal with his now tense relationship with Maeve (Emma Mackey).

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